As a small organisation Musequality has, from the very beginning, engaged other organisations for fundraising, volunteer and promotional support. These partners are vital in building the scale of awareness we need to pursue our mission. Partners have included primary and secondary schools in London, which have undertaken initiatives such as concerts and sponsored music practices to raise funds for us, and amateur music ensembles such as the Kensington Symphony Orchestra which have raised funds through performances.

 We are now engaging some of these organisations on more focused, project-based partnerships, which are generating exciting win-win outcomes for all involved.

 Bracknell & Wokingham Community Band – Good Shepherd Home
brass band and music therapy project

Musequality matches all funds raised for the Good Shepherd Home project by the Bracknell & Wokingham Community Band, which has held a fundraising concert, produced a DVD and encouraged individual members to busk.

Kensington Symphony Orchestra – Kampala Symphony Orchestra

In addition to supplying instruments, KSO has sent two members to Kampala to train and launch ‘KSO2’ – a new partnership with Kampala Symphony Orchestra.

Henrietta Barnett School – Tender Talents Magnet School

A range of fundraising and volunteer initiatives as well as student exchanges and curricular collaboration are being developed between this high-performing north London girls’ school and Tender Talents Magnet School in Kampala, where Musequality has funded a music programme for several years.

In creating these partnerships, Musequality has reinforced its strengths in identifying communities and institutions that can benefit from a music programme, creating and funding music projects there (often with the support of local partners) and finding a UK-based partner to provide additional support. This enables us to continually seek out new communities where we can give children a part to play.

We invite schools, amateur music ensembles and community organisations interested in working with us to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us today.

The benefits are many:

  • Enhanced mission and purpose as an organisation
  • Engagement of members
  • Opportunities for members to share skill/talent/passion
    and experience music-making in a deprived community
  • Enhanced mission and purpose as an organisation
  • Platform for audience/wider community engagement.