Get involved

Virtually all of Musequality’s work is done by volunteers. We simply wouldn’t exist without the support of enthusiastic people willing to donate their time, expertise and energy. If you have time to spare, there are many ways you can use your skills and experience to help us.


We are always in need of funds to pay for premises, teachers, instruments, music and transport. If you would like to help us raise money, visit our fundraising page. Or browse through some of the activities and events organised by our supporters at volunteers in action


If you are a professional musician and planning to travel abroad, please consider dropping in to one of our projects to perform or offer a masterclass. These visits are hugely appreciated and always rewarding. We can make arrangements on your behalf.

Teaching abroad

Projects are often run by voluntary youth leaders with little musical knowledge. If you are an experienced musician or teacher, please consider volunteering some of your time in a school holiday or sabbatical to bring your skills to a project. For more details, contact us.

Friends of Musequality

Gather together a group of like-minded friends or colleagues to find ways of supporting our work. If you pool your ideas and resources, you’ll be surprised at how many new opportunities arise.

Administrative help

If you can offer assistance with one of our many areas of operations – such as monitoring our overseas projects, database marketing, website construction, freight forwarding, press relations or social networking – we would love to hear from you.

Tell people about us

If you’re into social networking, use your web of online friends and contacts to help spread the word about Musequality. Some of our most enthusiastic supporters have found us through hearing about one of our projects or events on a chat page or blog.