World Record 2009

The 2009 World Record

Each year we attempt to beat the world record for biggest co-ordinated busk. We set this ourselves in 2009, when we were joined by 483 buskers in 105 acts in 44 pitches in 30 towns or cities in 17 countries on seven continents (and one sea, courtesy of an aircraft carrier).


The challenge for 2014

In spite of the magnificent efforts of a lot of people, we haven’t quite been able to match that since. But 2014 is the year we change all that.  World Busk 2014 dates are 9 - 15 June; and this year we will attempt the Guinness World Record for the Largest Busk at Multiple Venues.  This record-smashing effort will take place on Wednesday 11th June at 18.00 hrs (UK time) precisely. The target we have to beat is10 locations, with at least 25 buskers at each location, busking simultaneously for at least 5 minutes.  Will you help us do it?


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World Busk 2009 World Busk 2009 World Busk 2009

Buskers in recent years

First row: Craig Ogden. Royal College of Music Junior string quartet. Sam Meredith and Nick Booth. Jocie Juritz awaits speed busk. Rob Juritz. Wind Chamber Orchestra, St Pancras International
Second row: Mark Fennell, Isle of Wight. Royal College of Music Junior wind quartet. Kensington Symphony Orchestra beside the Thames. Goan picnickers join the busk, Middlesex
 Third row: Barbershop Chorus Light Relief, New Zealand. Falkland Islands’ police chief witnesses Vocalise with Shirley Adams-Leach MBE. Angela Amato’s Sirenide for Musequality, Italy

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